PDF Generation for Clio

Clio 2 PDF Generation

Description: Generate pre-populated PDFs based on the out of the box attributes and custom attributes associated with matters, contacts and other object types in Clio

Use Case:

  • 1. Clio user collects information in out of the box and custom attributes associated with a matter and related contact either manually or by using Clio Grow.
  • 2. Clio user wants to generate auto-populated PDFs (For e.g. immigration forms) based on the information collected in attributes as indicated in step 1.
  • 3. User also wants to do some advance logic when populating PDFs. For e.g.
    • If the contact is single, a checkbox that says “No dependents” should be auto checked.
    • Age should be auto calculated based on the date of birth and an age field in the PDF should be updated with it.
    • etc.
  • 4. Once PDFs are generated, the PDFs should be auto uploaded to a folder within Matter

Configuration & Install: Contact US

Demo: Watch Demo

Pricing: $39 / User / Month - We configure 5 PDF mappings - Additional PDF mapping is $25 per PDF

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