EZBud for Clio


Description: A must-have tool for attorneys and firms with a website. You pay top dollars for marketing - when someone comes to your site as a result of marketing, do you know why they leave in a matter of seconds (yes they do)? On average, visitors on law firm websites click on 1.5 pages each. If you don’t engage them immidiately, you are significantly reducing the likelihood of them clicking on "contact us." Bouncing visitors could still be converted to a lead if you can engage them and get their contact information. EZBud helps your website visitors engage and find what they are looking for in a guided fashion and thereby giving you insights into their behavior as well as insights into your service.

Use Case:

  • 1) Clio user owns a website and pays's a lot of marketing dollars to Google, Facebook or third party companies
  • 2) Clio user want's to know if the marketing is working or not
    • If the visitors are clicking anything or just leaving
    • If the visitors are finding the right information on Clio user's website
    • If the service that Clio user is offering is applicable to the visitor and if not how to reorient the marketing strategy

Configuration & Install: Contact US

Demo: Demo 1 Demo 2

Pricing: $39 / Per EZBud / Month - We will create the EZBud for you that will run on your site

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