EZAutomate for Clio


Description: If you can imagine, EZAutomate can make it happen. EZAutomate gives you endless possibilities to automate your business processes.

Use Cases:

  • Automatically email documents to parties.
  • Fetch matter related data from the state's court system and update custom attribute in Clio
  • Fix 100s of documents residing in Clio that have errors
  • Generate billing report for past 1 month and automatically email partners of the company
  • Read Gmail and extract all the documents and put in a folder based on the sender or receiver or both
  • Send reminders to clients about important dates stored in custom attribute in Clio
  • Convert Clio documents to PDFs
  • Make PDF documents in Clio Text Searchable
  • Integrate Clio with HubSpot, Trello, Jira or any other third party web applications
  • Others...

Configuration & Install: Contact US

Pricing: $29 to $49 / Month . Contact us with your requirements for exact pricing

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