EZApps - Suite of Apps for Clio

Created for Clio users to address requirements that out of the box Clio does not meet

We provide all the apps for $29.99/month membership fee. You do not need to subscribe right away but only after few weeks if you still find yourself using them again. We will continue to add more apps and automations. If you have any custom requirements, please discuss with us and if it is an app that is generic in nature (i.e. other Clio users might also find useful), we will create it for you once you become our member

Email us your requirement at clio@ezcollab.com or Schedule a call for your custom automation requirements

EZ Doc Editor 4 Clio

Simply connect your Clio account with your Google account and start editing documents using Google Docs without downloading them.

EZ Contact Merge 4 Clio

Merge Contacts within Clio

EZ Batch Update Matters 4 Clio

This app will generate batch update template for Matters's custom attributes and also update Matters

EZ Court Data Import 4 Clio

Simply search for your case and click import data from the court. Only available for TX, IN, IL and CA courts

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