EZApps - Suite of Apps for Clio

Created for Clio users to address requirements that out of the box Clio does not meet

EZ Doc Editor 4 Clio

Simply connect your Clio account with your Google account and start editing documents using Google Docs without downloading them.

EZ SMS 4 Reminder 4 Clio

Enable/disable SMS integration with calendar. Once the integration is enabled, people who are set to receive email reminders will also receive SMS reminders

EZ Contact Merge 4 Clio

Merge Contacts within Clio

EZ Batch Update Matters 4 Clio

This app will generate batch update template for Matters's custom attributes and also update Matters

EZ Court Data Import 4 Clio

Simply search for your case and click import data from the court. Only available for TX, IN, IL and CA courts

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